Images Of When I Am Good - Healthy

Any ideas, hints, tips or suggestions on healthy carb free or fat free friendly meals or lunches would be really welcomed and much appreciated !!This will help in my desire to losw 10 kilos

Soup for lunch = good

Salad once a week - normally the same - chicken, cucumber, tomato, basil and olives

The healthy choice at ZiZi
We ate here on Friday for lunch, I love their seafood risotto and I love their baked pasta. But I was good and I must say the super salad with chicken from the summer menu was brilliant - absolutely brilliant and no guilt attached - this really is a super salad. Description: Our superfood salad with goats cheese, butternut squash, courgette, lentils, broad beans, mint and mixed leaves drizzled with white balsamic. Served with dough sticks

Healthy Spaghetti Bolognaise - chopped onion, garlic, Tesco finest mince, tinned tomatoes, 500ml of beef stock, chopped mushrooms, basil and 1 tomato sliced at the top and popped in last - let boil away for 30 minutes. Serve with cabbage and not pasta. Nothing in this recipe that doesn’t walk, fall, grow or swim

Chicken from Tesco (Buy 2 for £5) lettuce and cottage cheese, Activia Fat Free Vanilla as my treat - will be having this every day for the rest of the week

Scrambled Eggs with Mushrooms and Crab Meat - this was awful !! I will never ever have tinned crab meat again

Salmon from M&S and scrambled eggs and a little bit of English Mustard

Steaks from Tesco (not the ones from the Finest range, tough but edible) with scrambled eggs with some onions mixed in and cottage cheese. An okay dinner

Activia seems to be my savior - Fat free vanilla with some oat bran mixed in

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