Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Stuffed Lamb Breast - who knew, a different type of roast

So I have some spare time on my hands and so am going to try new recipes, I have loads of cook books and loving cooking shows but very rarely try anything new. So this is my new year’s resolution. This week its one from Gordon Ramsey Ultimate Cooking Class show- Stuffed Lamb Breast. I didn’t even know that lamb breast existed. So on the shopping list Lamb Breast Lemon Anchovy Capers White Wine Black Olives From the cupboard Oregano Tinned tomatoes Chilli Onion Served with Baked Potatoes Cauliflower Carrots First we rolled out the lamb breast and seasoned with salt and pepper, then on the inside grated lemon and a splash of lemon juice, oregano, dried chilli and the anchovy - rolled it up and tied with string. braised on all sides in a fry pan - removed and then added onions to the same pan, after a few minutes added white wine, lemon, oregano, capers, black olives (pips removed)and chilli - I probably added too much. Opps but I love chilli foods. Then it all went into a casserole dish and into the over for 3 hours. The result was amazing - no gravy required as the sauce was incredibly tasty. Slice the breast into circular serving portions. The man made a request that the next one had no anchovy - I love them, he hates them. It was a bit fatty, so we removed the fat.

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