Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Stuffed Lamb Breast - who knew, a different type of roast

So I have some spare time on my hands and so am going to try new recipes, I have loads of cook books and loving cooking shows but very rarely try anything new. So this is my new year’s resolution. This week its one from Gordon Ramsey Ultimate Cooking Class show- Stuffed Lamb Breast. I didn’t even know that lamb breast existed. So on the shopping list Lamb Breast Lemon Anchovy Capers White Wine Black Olives From the cupboard Oregano Tinned tomatoes Chilli Onion Served with Baked Potatoes Cauliflower Carrots First we rolled out the lamb breast and seasoned with salt and pepper, then on the inside grated lemon and a splash of lemon juice, oregano, dried chilli and the anchovy - rolled it up and tied with string. braised on all sides in a fry pan - removed and then added onions to the same pan, after a few minutes added white wine, lemon, oregano, capers, black olives (pips removed)and chilli - I probably added too much. Opps but I love chilli foods. Then it all went into a casserole dish and into the over for 3 hours. The result was amazing - no gravy required as the sauce was incredibly tasty. Slice the breast into circular serving portions. The man made a request that the next one had no anchovy - I love them, he hates them. It was a bit fatty, so we removed the fat.

Monday, 9 July 2012

The easiest, quickest, cheapest marinade – goes well with rice, pasta or salad

So with us both not working we are keeping an eye on the finances. So good cheap recipes are brilliant. Having a new baby to care for anything that is quick and easy is an all-round winner. I make this about once a week at the moment as it can be served with rice, pasta or salad. I am still trying to lose the baby weight so the fact that it is healthy is an added bonus. In a baking dish mix natural yogurt, sweet chilli sauce, ground cumin and curry powder. I free pour – the more sauce you want add more yogurt, the hotter more curry etc. Mix it all around and then add chicken breast or chicken thighs. If time permits I refrigerate or if not it goes straight into the oven for 40 minutes. I love the juices that the combined ingredients create and chicken is incredibly flavoursome. The chicken always comes out golden, the chicken always taste succulent. I put the chicken on top of pasta, rice or salad (as said) and drizzle the sauce on top. It could not be easier; it could not be quicker and is easy on the pocket.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

So much has happened and I am back. Firstly the biggest news, we have our little ray of sunshine!!! A little boy who is now 2 months old and simply brilliant. He is an absolute joy to be around. We have moved to a cottage in the country and given up our jobs (well I am on maternity leave but took a redundancy before leaving). The Man is currently looking for a new job – it was scary taking the leap into a “sea change” lifestyle but we are loving the time off together. Working out how to best care for a baby, trying new recipes and exploring news pubs in the Cotswolds area. Now I am no longer pregnant we are also rediscovering my love of wine.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Roast Chicken with Yorkshire puddings and new potatoes

I really should make my own Yorkshire pudding, but I don’t. They are just as good purchased. I have heard from friends that they are really easy and in a few more weeks perhaps I will try.
I love Yorkshire puddings, I love hot gravy overflowing and making the crisp pastry soft, I love the taste and I especially love it in Winter. True comfort food.
The man decided to cook with new potatoes with skin on, I have to say I prefer the normal method of crispy roasted in oil after being par boiled. But all in all still really very good, and now I am well into my second trimester I can start enjoying food again rather than feeling sick and tired all the time.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

My Favourite Sandwich - its simply but its my favourite

So I have made the Man promise that I can have one of these, once a week while pregnant. If I cannot drink alcohol I can enjoy bacon, cheese and fresh bred combination.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Some more photos from Australia

Here are some more food photos I have found from our trip. I have been too tired to update the weekly roast and spaghetti - but now I am in the second trimester apparently I should be feeling better and have more energy. So watch out for Sunday and Monday night x

Vietnamese Spring Roll - served with lettuce and coriander (amazing)

Prawns Rice Paper Rolls

Freshly Caught Brim - Right out of the river

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

We are back from Australia and we have some news!!

We have a little ray of sunshine scheduled to arrive on the 2nd of May.
We are both over the moon excited – but promise for this not to turn into any pregnancy/baby blog.
However, any recipes and advice are incredibly welcomed !!

So here are some photos from the trip to Australia

We flew Cathay Pacific who I have to say I was very impressed with. I thought the entertainment system was sensational and the meals were okay too. The service was really friendly and although I wasn’t drinking I noticed that they were stingy on the wine like some other long haul flights. The Man was very happy as I ordered a wine and he could drink it. They also had sandwiches, fruit and nuts available in between meals in case people got hungry – the pregnant lady made good with a fresh sandwich.

Here are some photos and place that we went to dinner at. It’s great to be back

Federation Square Melbourne - Chicken, avocado, bacon focaccia with aioli (mayonnaise)

La Porchetta St. Kilda - Spaghetti/Tortellini Carbonara with garlic bread and greek salad

Southbank - Pasta with chicken, spinach and cream with garlic focaccia

Stoke House St.Kilda - Pizza in the sun

Little River Cafe Swan Valley - Slow cooked beef amazing! This place is a little gem only the locals know about x