The Quest For The Perfect Sunday Roast - Images, Ideas and Recipes

Every Sunday we have a roast - either we cook a roast or we venture to go out for one. We try to make it varied and do different things. Any ideas or suggestions are warmly welcomed !

13th of November - winter is here so bring on the Yorkshire pudding

18th of September - Roast Lamb cutlets

11th of September - Perfect for when not feeling well

4th of September - No roast good old English Bangers and Mash with spinach

28th of August - no roast as we were with friends at a BBQ

21st of August - roast chicken with leeks, who would have thought leeks

14th of August - the night after the mans birthday celebrations, we were tired and not in any mood for any elaborate cooking, not really feeling well enough to go out for a roast. Our local Tesco was the answer chicken and Lattice Pie, served with cabbage and peas, roast onion with a side of Mushroom, garlic and tomatoes sauce. The man had roast potatoes with his. It was lovely and nice and easy for two people who are really tired.

7th of August Roast Chicken Salad - lettuce, Cucumber, Olives, Roast Chicken = Amazing and nice and light after a heavy weekend of eating and drinking far too much

31st of July - Roast Lamb from Laverstoke Park Farm with peas and cabbage boiled together, mashed sweet potatoes, baked onion and a new mushroom thing the man is doing where he fries up some onion and garlic adds a tin of diced tomatoes and bubbles away with mushrooms, I did have two roast potatoes - it’s amazing

24th of July - Roast Chicken with boiled carrots, peas, cabbage and the mushroom sauce as per above

Any ideas, hints or tips for cooking our weekly roast or places to go in the search are always welcome !!

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