Monday, 9 July 2012

The easiest, quickest, cheapest marinade – goes well with rice, pasta or salad

So with us both not working we are keeping an eye on the finances. So good cheap recipes are brilliant. Having a new baby to care for anything that is quick and easy is an all-round winner. I make this about once a week at the moment as it can be served with rice, pasta or salad. I am still trying to lose the baby weight so the fact that it is healthy is an added bonus. In a baking dish mix natural yogurt, sweet chilli sauce, ground cumin and curry powder. I free pour – the more sauce you want add more yogurt, the hotter more curry etc. Mix it all around and then add chicken breast or chicken thighs. If time permits I refrigerate or if not it goes straight into the oven for 40 minutes. I love the juices that the combined ingredients create and chicken is incredibly flavoursome. The chicken always comes out golden, the chicken always taste succulent. I put the chicken on top of pasta, rice or salad (as said) and drizzle the sauce on top. It could not be easier; it could not be quicker and is easy on the pocket.

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