Friday, 22 July 2011

Dukan Diet

Day 2 of the Durkan Diet, I skipped breakfast again and opted for a coffee, lunch was the same (scrambled eggs in the microwave and salmon)
Dinner was baked Chicken with cottage cheese and scrambled eggs – I baked the chicken in foil with some minced garlic, chilli flakes and some chopped up onions. Dinner was lovely but I forgot to take a photo (sorry)
For desert before bed I had some 100% fat free yogurt
Walked for 1 hour in the morning

Day 3 – was out of the office and as such could not be as disciplined as I liked.
I did call ahead and ask for a protein only lunch. However the catering had already been worked out
Breakfast was a Starbucks skinny Late and lunch was Con Carn mince, I left the baked potatoes and sandwiches at the buffet ! However did have a quarter of a tuna sandwich (bad).
Walked for 30 minutes

Day 4 – I was out of the office again and in central London.
Breakfast was a Starbucks latte and a yogurt pot with granola.
My work colleague convinced me to go to Ping Pong – I love Ping Pong. We had the Dim Sum Feat – I knew I was being bad but convinced myself that it was find. One meal won’t hurt, if I had a protein only dinner surely I can have some Dim Sum. It was absolutely lovely.
When I got home, the man and I went to the pub for two glasses of wine – it was absolutely lovely and after a long two days was required to distress
Dinner was pan fried chicken pieces with some peppered mackerel (could not do scrambled eggs again)

Day 5 – no breakfast
Lunch was scrambled eggs and salmon again, really lovely and nice to be back in the office.
Being Friday I am thinking about dinner. The man wants burgers !! If I just have the burger meat with some cottage cheese. Would that work?
Or perhaps he can have burgers and I have some kippers – not sure you, only thing I am sure about is there shall be wine
Being Friday night it shall be white and I thinking a Pino Gregio. I am planning on going for a 2 hour walk after work near the huge parks near our tiny apartment.
Let’s see how we go

But I am still on 65 kilos - perhaps the wine and Dim Sum may need to go

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