Saturday, 23 July 2011

Looks Like it is working - even with a glass or a few glasses of wine on a friday night

This morning I got on the scales and saw what I wanted to see 64.5 kilos!! I broke under the dreaded 65 - Not bad. However, I was feeling very sick and very weak. So today I have had some bread. Fresh bread from the bakery - just lovely. I put some Quark on top (see photo below). I have never had this before and went looking for it yesterday as lots of the recipes in the Daily Mails Durkan Diet included it. What a find, it is a lovely spread, a vegetarian version of a cheese spread and apparently very low in fat. I cut up some olives and had this on top with my favourite drink - Diet Coke.
Prior to this for breakfast I had Fat Free yogurt with vanilla – allowed, the only yogurts not allowed are ones with fruit in.
As for last night’s dinner - 2 glasses of wine in the beer garden on a lovely summer evening, the rain stayed away. Then off home - I purchased 4 hamburger patties at the local butchers. The Man had his in rolls from the bakery with some baked chips and I had mine with cottage cheese and some asparagus. We decided to put some greens in my diet as the Man was getting a bit worried in case I got pregnant soon. I googled to see if the diet could have a negative effect on any pregnancy and apparently it doesn’t. So no need to worry.
As for tonight, well the Man is out and I never get to have the tiny apartment to myself so I may just treat myself. Not sure what, perhaps an Egg Foo Young from the local Chinese or a Chicken stir fry from the local Thai with a glass of wine and full control of the remote !!

I have also found this page on the Daily Mail with other receipe ideas

Lets see what the result is tomorrow

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