Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Dukan Diet - Week 2

So I officially started the Durkan Diet last week on the Tuesday so today marks 1 week. Today for lunch is Quorn Ham, with scrambled eggs and cottage cheese. Lunch for the remainder of the week will be the same. Although Thursday I am going to be on a train so may need to pack something a bit more travel friendly.

Tonight for dinner I am planning baked chicken with cottage cheese. The baked chicken I am planning on doing in the over for 45 min with some chilli flakes, garlic and lime juice. I am planning on doing some baked potatoes for the man. He needs carbs !

I walked for 45 min this morning after my yogurt breakfast. I planning on doing another 45 this afternoon.

Last night’s dinner was really nice - I had carrots and cabbage with the bolognaise onto. I did the bolognaise in a healthier version than I normally would. Fired mince, garlic and onion with tinned tomatoes, chopped tomatoes, basil, 500ml of water with a dissolved beef stock and mushrooms - all boiled up together for 30 min. Note there was no purchased pasta sauce and no bacon - the man wasn’t so happy about this however as he at least had pasta with his - he limited his complaints.

Haven’t weighed myself today, I plan on doing that on Saturday – I am gunning for a 2 kilo weight loss this week

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