Monday, 25 July 2011

Roast Chicken Sunday Night Dinner - Declared A Triumph !

Another triumph from the man - he was in charge of cooking the roast and he did very very well. Roast chicken with asparagus, peas, carrots and cabbage - however the truly lovely part was mushrooms simmered in tomatoes and olives. Really really good I highly recommend. No potatoes for me this week.
Today’s lunch was leftovers (chicken and vegetables)and I had a yogurt for breakfast.
I have to say I highly recommend adopting roasts on a sunday night with a glass of wine - there is no better way to roll into sunday night movie and bed! I just wish the next day wasn't Monday.
Tonight it is my turn - I am going to Dukan spaghetti bolognaise. Basically I am going to have the mince with some cabbage. The man will have with pasta.
I am planning on doing a healthy version. Not sure I will get a walk in today as am really really very tired as did not sleep well at all last night.

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