Friday, 29 July 2011

Not too bad - Durkan Friendly Day with Pret and Loch Fyne

Thank goodness it is Friday.
Yesterday I had a long train journey, so in the mad rush at St. Pancreas I grabbed some Pret - I do love the Pret Baguettes but no carbs allowed. The most Durkan friendly thing I could find was the chicken salad, a coffee and a diet coke. After reading a few chapters of the book I have learnt that lipids are really bad - so I left the dressing unopened. Today was my dedicated allowed day for salad and vegetables on the account that I knew it was going to be too difficult to find protein only a South Eastern Train. I had skipped breakfast in the rush to get ready, but I did get my 30 min walk in before heading off.
My journey home after a long meeting, was hot, tiresome and delayed. After getting in at 8pm it was time for a wine in the beer garden. Neither of us felt like going home to the little flat to sit and watch nothing on TV. So it was off to Loch Fyne. Well I thought fish couldn’t be too bad.
A bottle of wine and I had the salmon fishcakes with green beans (I normally have the Fish Pie). I gave the accompanying mayonnaise to the Man who had Fish and Chips. My Fishcakes were really lovely and we had a fantastic evening sitting outside and just catching up. The man also ordered a cheese platter afterwards - I love a good cheese platter but refrained from even having a bite. Well done to me - but I did order another glass of wine to be enjoyed while he tucked in. Loch Fyne is always great, consistently good and the service is always excellent - last night was no exception. A really lovely evening was had by all, then home to bed for a good night sleep.

Today’s lunch will be good – scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and cottage cheese. However, I am staying with a friend this evening and she wants to order pizza. Is it rude to take your own salmon and salad to someone else’s house ? Or perhaps Dominos do something that would fit into the Durkan Diet ?

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