Sunday, 17 July 2011

Sunday - the quest for the perfect roast and red wine

We love food and wine and we love relaxing. So today being Sunday it is about the perfect roast and red wine.
Tomorrow being Monday will be about the perfect bolognaise and red wine.
But let’s only deal with today.
My favorite red for a Sunday is Wolf Blas, smooth easy drinking and lulls me into Sunday night.
As for the roast well the man loves roast chicken, but we did that last Sunday so I am about to go off in search of the meat and buy the wine. This is my job on Sunday afternoon as I am the gatherer.Not so sure about him being the hunter.
So after the flat is cleaned and the washing is on I shall venture out, fingers crossed I don’t get caught in the rain.
So far on our quest for the perfect roast I would say Annies restaurant in
Chiswick or a cavery we went to in Devon have won the award.

Dinner worked a treat - roast beef from the local butcher, cooked under instructions of only 45 min and with a little water at the bottom of the dish.
The Man was in charge of dinner and cooked it up with the ingredients I had supplied.
Mushrooms pan fried with tomatoes and garlic
Sweet potatoes boiled then mashed
Roasted potatoes - par boiled first then roasted with the meat
Onions popped into the roasting dish with the meat and potatoes.
It was absolutely amazing, with the wine and a relaxing Sunday movie.
I may have left the washing up until after I get home tonight

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