Sunday, 31 July 2011

The Sun is shining this weekend ! Not so friendly on the scales

Well it didn’t work so well – you simply cannot go to someone’s house and bring your own salmon and eggs. So Dominos pizza it was – and there is simply no point in killing a lamb for a sheep so full house it was (very bad).
Lots of champagne followed by white wine and the scales are not so friendly today. So it’s back to the start again.
Today I am 64.7 kilos
Target 55 kilos by the 23rd of September
The plan is to go for a very long walk today, I am also going to buy the shapers trainers and see if that helps.

Today being Sunday, it is once again the mission of the perfect roast as well. Mine shall be Durkan friendly (however it shall be served with wine)
The other BIG news in the tiny flat is that we have a new TV – we had lived with a great big dinosaur for too long and now have a slim line plasma. It didn’t go down well when the man pointed out that he has fallen in love and that the television is a very slim supermodel and that if he had to choose?? Mmm actually maybe no roast for him tonight.
After a long conversation last night we have also decided to postpone the trying for our little ray of sunshine until after our trip to Australia.

Successful gathering completed today - roast lamb from the amazing butchers that have opened up near us Laverstoke Park Farm. They are simply brilliant - so polite, so friendly and the food although expensive is amazing. The plan is that the man will have his with baked potatoes and i shall only be having cabbage and peas.

As you can see two bottles of wine at the ready - I know not Dukan friendly but it does make that tomorrow is Monday, just that little bit easier to cope with.
The Man doesn’t think we should have a bottle each - I think if I am pregnant soon I won’t be able to drink anyway - so while the sun shines we shall and should.

Dinner was brilliant - it was the man’s turn to cook what I had gathered and he did a brilliant job. He is doing a new thing with Mushrooms, garlic and tomatoes all boiled up together and it tastes amazing. I had no potatoes as you can see and I have given up salt as well. Choosing chili flakes instead to give flavor. I had this with cabbage, broccoli and mashed sweet potatoes. The lamb was really lovely but after costing £12 it really probably should be. The wine went down a treat too. Now to settle on front of TV and lull into Sunday night.
Tomorrow I plan on having another protein and vegetable day and Tuesday will be protein only.
Monday night we are doing spaghetti bolognaise with buffalo mince and made from scratch (no jarred pasta sauce) I have gathered the mince, onion, garlic, tomatoes, a little bacon, mushrooms. Mine will be with cabbage and peas – the Mans will have pasta.

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