Thursday, 4 August 2011

Buffalo Mince was good for a bolognaise - I wouldn’t say worth twice the price

My local butcher thought it would be good to try Buffalo mince for my Monday bolognaise as it was leaner and meant to be a better quality. So I said yes. The thing I find difficult about being in a butchers is I can never guess how much something is going to be - I normally spend about £2.50 on mince at Tesco - so at £4.80 I wouldn’t say it was a cheap trial.

This was combined with diced onion and garlic, then added the mince, tined tomatoes, fresh basil, a little red wine, bacon, 1 liter of beef stock and lots of mushrooms. All bubbled away for about 40 minutes. I have decided no pre-made pasta sauces - unless it walks, grows, falls or swims it is not allowed in the cooking.

The man had his with pasta, parmesan shavings and salt

I had mine with cabbage and peas and no salt. Apparently salt retains water so I have given it up salt for 2 months.

It was however served with a glass of wine in the beer garden before cooking, a glass of wine while cooking and a glass while enjoying the cooking.

It was amazing but I forgot to take a photo (probably because of the wine)

The conclusion was that it was lovely, a more smoother taste - but at twice the price - beef mince will do next week. Or we are thinking of trying pork mince instead !

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