Friday, 9 September 2011

Keep Him Home From the Pub Lasagna

So in my opinion it’s very easy to get very drunk on Friday night at the pub – a stressful week, the relaxing of alcohol, the added boost it gives you and for me I seem to drink more quickly to wash away the week - before you know it we wake up with a massive hang over and we have spent a heap of money. If however we stay in and have dinner it somehow seems a lot easier to monitor your drinking to a non hangover level and we get to bed relatively early. I came up with a plan a few months ago that if I plan a nice dinner at home we are more likely to want to stay in and have it. If I plan on making something you can normally order at the pub we are definitely more like to stay in be responsible and 9/10 have a better night.
So this week’s it is lasagna – my view on making the perfect lasagna (and this may not be anything new) but to make the mince sauce to be exactly the same as you would for spaghetti bolognaise. The base should be just as deep and as satisfying. So I fried up onion, garlic and the mince – tipped in a can of diced tomatoes a mug of beef stock, chopped bacon (vital ingredient) chopped mushrooms a dash of soy sauce, oregano, , salt and pepper. This was left to bubble away for half an hour.
I made my own white sauce by melting butter, adding milk and stirring in the flour – I then added a handful of cheese.
In the lasagna dish I layered the meat first, then the lasagna sheets, white sauce and repeated. Topping with white sauce and cheese. Popped this into the over for 30 minutes.
I served this with a salad of peppered rocket, spinach, cucumber and chopped olives.
The finished result was absolutely brilliant even if I do say so myself. Much cheaper than a night out and far far more satisfying

The meat sauce bubbling away – needs to be as good as a bolognaise

The end result – I personally really like it with crisp bit at the end

Served with a fresh salad

Next weekend is the last one before we go to Australia – I am thinking either stay at home Fish and chips or a homemade curry – advise or recommendations are warmly welcomed x

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