Friday, 9 September 2011

A Trip To Ireland - Galway

So this week I was fortunate enough to be sent to Ireland for a work dinner. We book in a group of 8 people to Martines Restaurant in Galway. It looks like a warm and cozy little pub from the outside and it is just a little way up a cobbled alley way. Out the back in the candle lit room is an intimate and friendly restaurant. The table were comfortable and the room was lovely with a friendly atmosphere. The specialty is steaks and the waiter brings around a selection uncooked to choose from. The did all look fantastic however a little on the big side for me. So I went for the Lamb Cutlets and a starter of Salmon Fish Cakes.
I have been to Galway before and the food never disappoints, it’s a lovely town with friendly locals and a bustling nightlife. We stay at the G Hotel which is an absolute treat. I highly recommend both these places if planning to visit Ireland. The Guiness complemented the starter brilliantly followed by a small glass of red wine.

So it’s been another busy week with work and The Man and I are both tired. I am planning on cooking up a lasagna for dinner with a crispy salad – he wants garlic bread as well, I may give that a miss as our Australia trip is now in under 2 weeks (photos will follow)

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