Friday, 2 September 2011

A Good Old London Chicken Curry Pie At The Pub

I know our trip to Australia is only 3 weeks away, but after a really long day at work The Man suggested dinner at the pub, we are both working later and getting back home late due to forward planning for being off work for 3 weeks – how could I say no to one of my favourite dinners – a good old English Pie with mash potatoes and vegetables. I reconciled in my own mind that if I didn’t drink any alcohol then I was allowed this treat.
On the specials was a a curried chicken and vegetable version – it was absolutely lovely. The only thing I would suggest to improve it, you may remember from a few weeks ago we also went for pie at a different restaurant, the previous place is our favourite place for pie as it is served with gravy in individual pots. This would have been the only thing I would add to give it 5 stars.

The Man had his with chips

Tonight I am all on my own while the man goes out to play pool – Coronation Street, Eastenders, Coronation followed by the UK Bachelor served with pasta spirals, chorizo, chilli and broccoli – a quick, easy and incredibly tasty Friday night meal (photos will follow)

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