Sunday, 4 September 2011

Sunday Sausages Caused Silence

As said, we decided to skip the roast today and The Man suggested good old Bangers and Mash. We were by a Waitrose so the gathering occurred here. I picked up the Sausages, the paper, red wine, milk, spinach, mushrooms, wine, some Ben and jerry’s as a treat for afterwards (just a little) and some Waitrose tinned tomato and olive for tomorrow night’s spaghetti bolognaise – we already had potatoes from last night’s meal.
I have not had sausages for ages – since ordering at a pub and being served half cooked sausages. I hate nothing more and it had put me off having them again until now.
The Man decided to cook and was under strict instruction “make sure they are cooked through” – you will see from the middle photo below that he takes his instructions seriously!
The mashed potatoes were cooked as per normal, he steamed the spinach (only a little as otherwise it wilts too much) the gravy was once again done with pan fried mushrooms, garlic and onion – it s so much better than on its own and I seriously recommend doing this!!
I have come to the conclusion that bangers and mash is always better at home –this one was incredible so much so we didn’t talk through the eating. I don’t think I will have any ice cream tonight.

The Gathering

Bangers and Mash - Instructions followed (see above)

With the ultimate gravy ontop, look closely you can see the steam

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