Saturday, 3 September 2011

Laverstoke Park Farm Buffalo and Peppercorn Pie

As we were staying in for a Saturday, I pushed the boat out and wanted to try one of Laverstoke Park farm pies. They are £10.99 so a bit extravagant but we are staying in. There is a huge variety to choose from – I decided on the Buffalo and peppercorn. Words will never be able to explain how amazing this pie is and well worth the price. The peppercorns are strong, flavorsome and a hidden treat, the meat is incredibly soft and just perfect.
We do plan on trying the lamb and mince in a few weeks – but I just don’t see how there could be an improvement and I think this may just be a firm favourite in the tiny little flat going forward.
The man served this with homemade fries, cabbage, broccoli and a special gravy – he pan fired some garlic, onions and mushrooms and then stirred this through some bistro gravy (prepared as per directions) it’s a cheats gravy but it is Saturday night after all and with the added extras it tasted absolutely perfect!

Bisto gravy - with added pan fried garlic, onion and mushrooms!

Sunday Night we plan on giving the roast a break and doing good old english bangers and mash!

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