Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Tuesday Night Spaghetti Bolognaise

As you know we always have spaghetti bolognaise on a Monday night. There is simply no better way to finish off the first working day back at work. I love the consistency of every Monday because I love spaghetti bolognaise and so whenever I am finished I really do think to myself that it’s not so bad as I will have it again next week. I love the deep flavors, the warmth of it, all the different variations to try – it is basically my feel good food. However, Monday was a public holiday in the UK and we didn’t get back from a weekend away until too late. So we swapped, for just this week, to Tuesday. We justified this that it would be better anyway as the first working day back after a long weekend is nothing short of horrendous, especially when the weather has started to turn.

I had done a lot of blog surfing last week for different variations and recipes and came across that aniseed or fennel seed gave the ultimate flavor and depth. I couldn’t find Aniseed but I did find fennel seed, tomato and basil as part of the Schwartz range. While at the herbs section I decided to invest in some oregano as well

So The Man was in charge, he fried an onion, garlic and mince in olive oil, added a tin of diced tomatoes, 500 ml of beef stock, a teaspoon of soy sauce, a teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce, salt/pepper, a teaspoon of our new spices (fennel and oregano) chopped tomatoes and mushrooms and 2 slices of un-smoked bacon chopped up. This is left to bubble away on a medium heat for 30 min. We forgot the basil this time.
Then served with spaghetti (I decided to give the cabbage a miss this week) – the end result was nothing short of spectacular !! Simply amazing and I would say the extra herbs definitely added to the strong flavor. The best part is that I have the left over’s for lunch today, so I don’t even need to wait until next Monday !!
Next week I am thinking of trying meatballs, or quorn mince – or if anybody has something they would like us to try please shout out. I did come across some recipes that included milk – strange but true, we may just try that one too.

The Gathering

Bubbling Away - The herbs definitely give a deeper flavor, you can see the difference in colour

The Perfect Result

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  1. I am so happy to find your blog. I hope you like the tuna casserole. I put lemon pepper in it and it made even better. I forgot to write that in the recipe. I look forward to sharing recipes with you.