Saturday, 13 August 2011

Friday Night Challenge - you can only use what we already have

Everyone in the tiny flat was exhausted last night, a friday night when your brain is done for the week. Just one of those too tired to really even try to decide what we wanted to do. Should we keep it simple and just have a pub meal or cook something in. Too tired to go the supermarket I gave the man the challenge - either we go out for dinner or we use what we already have. He was up for the challenge and after searching around the fridge and cupboards he started.
Chopped up onion and garlic, mushrooms, 2 tins of tuna, chicken stock and white wine - left to bubble away and reduce, for about 20 min. A little salt added (I still need to get more black pepper) at the very end he put a little dash of cream in. Served with penne pasta. The penne had a little extra virgin olive oil stirred through. This was absolutely delicious, it doesnt look the best but it is, and I would have happily paid £8-£9.00 for this at a restaurant. The trick is to always have pasta and tinned tuna - a meal can always be made when too tired to venture out

He did well with breakfast the next day too - fresh bread from the local bakery (I know it should have been brown bread but they only had white left)and he made a type of breakfast bruscetta - tomatoes, cucumber and mint with extra virgin olive oil - no butter on mine - he had feta stirred through his. An incredibly simple but really nice breakfast - yes I have given up on the Dukan diet and have decided to opt for healthy options. I am still going to cut out carbs during the week.

Tonight we are off to Rock and Rose in Kew. We have been wanting to try here for ages. Described as food, passion and glamour - this could be good! Photos will follow tomorrow.

For tomorrows roast I am trying to decide between trying (for the first time) a nut roast or doing a roast chicken again. Swaying more towards a Nut Roast - but have no idea where you buy these from - may try Waitrose

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