Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Home For Lunch - using what I aready have rather than buying something

I was going to have soup for lunch today – but ended up working from home and so decided to use what we already had in the fridge/cupboard. Rather than buying something, as we had such an expensiuve weekend celebrating The Mans birthday – it may only save £5 but it’s still £5. So on toasted white bread – no butter - I had cucumber, tomato, basil with a drizzle of chili oil.
The menu for the rest of the week is Chicken Salad this evening, Tacos tomorrow night (mine will be with cabbage and no taco shells) For lunch Mushroom Covent Garden Soup tomorrow and Friday lunch we I be going to Zizi as I have been invited to a meeting/lunch. I plan on trying one of the different summer salads. Trying to decide between Bietole e Ricotta or the Spiedini di Gamberi
Photos will follow.

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  1. Easy to make, delicious in taste! Thanks for sharing.