Saturday, 20 August 2011

Staying In Friday Night Burgers & My Favourite Breakfast

It’s not often we get to just stay in on a Friday night, we can normally be found in a pub somewhere. But if we do, we actually really love it. We planned to stay in last night so off gathering I went. Hamburgers patties (two buffalo and two Aberdeen steak ones) from Loverstoke Farm butchers, fresh bread rolls from Greggs the bakers (the crusty ones are best), tomatoes, cucumber, cheese slices, feta and two bottles of white wine – no chips. We already had avecados and lettuce in the fridge. Planning ahead for Saturday morning I decided on one of our favoutite breakfasts – smoked salmon, lime, sparkling water. It does make me laugh that on a Friday afternoon the preparation did take me to two supermarkets, a bakery and a butchers. The man cooked up the burger patties and they were absolutely brilliant and woth the running around –he will be having the same again for lunch today while watching the football.
The salmon for breakfast was brilliant, served with the scrambled eggs, basil, fresh bread (purchased this morning with the paper and milk for coffee) The key ingredient for this breakfast is the sour cream and chive dip from taco night – it completely complements the salmon and is core to this being our favourite and we shall be having the same again tomorrow morning.

The Gathering

Friday Night Staying In Burgers - no chips I had no cheese on mine

My Favourite Breakfast

So now I am heading up to Islington for lunch with the girls and later meeting the man at a local pub for dinner (photos will follow)
I haven't decided on the roast for tomorrow yet.. ideas and suggestions welcome!

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