Sunday, 21 August 2011

Roast Chicken – not sure what to do with the leeks?

The man and I ventured to Tesco together, we have decided on roast chicken for this evening. We are thinking with peas, carrots, roast potatoes for him (not for me) served with his mushroom/onion/garlic/tomato sauce specialty. We also purchased leeks (I love leeks)– just not to sure what we will do with these – any ideas welcomed. This will be cooked up after a lazy afternoon with him in front of Football and me planning our long weekend next weekend. Very excited that next week’s edition of the roast will be at a cavalry in Devon and as Monday will be a public holiday it will be a special edition of Spaghetti Bolognaise – I am thinking of doing the ultimate one that is cooked up for hours, so am going to search a few blogs this afternoon for ideas.

The gathering also consisted of ingredients for tomorrow night’s spaghetti bolognaise – I will be trying an idea that someone has mentioned to me – using a tin of condensed tomato soup!

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