Friday, 19 August 2011

Thursday Night – Tacos, well a healthy version for me

The man had been craving Tacos for ages, and it is a brilliant Thursday night dinner, quick, easy, tasty and best of all goes brilliantly with wine. However, as I am on a health kick until we leave for Australia my plan was to have all the toppings on top of cabbage. So the gathering I did commenced of – Mince from the local butcher, Tacos, Fajita seasoning (the local Tesco didn’t have the taco version) avocado, lettuce, cheese for grating and sour cream and chive dip (not so healthy but amazing) – we already had onions, tomatoes, cabbage.
It was brilliant – actually the fajita seasoning gave a stronger/spicy flavor and I am thinking we will use this from now on. The sour cream was a highlight and I know not really part of the healthy eating but really added to the enjoyment. The wine went down a treat !
We plan on using the left over dip with smoked salmon, on fresh brown bread and scrambled eggs on Saturday, the plan for dinner tonight is another firm favourite of the mans – homemade hamburgers with salad – mine shall be without cheese (photos will follow)

Gathering Done

The finished result - the wine was absolutely lovely

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