Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Monday Night - Spaghetti Bolognaise Night - The Healthy Edition

Monday night is always about Spaghetti Bolognaise in our tiny little flat. To us its just the best way to finish off the first working day of the week. I literally look forward to it from lunchtime. Every week we do some sort of different version or a different type or style of recipe.
Last night I want to do a weight loss friendly version and also try a technique someone mentioned to me. Popping a full tomatoes on top, with a cross sliced in the top – let this bubble away and dissolve into the bolognaise. I had mine with cabbage and the Man had his with spaghetti. I didn’t put any bacon in last night’s version – something that I found gave it less body. On the positive note – it was probably just about as healthy as a bolognaise can be
Chopped onion and garlic, sautéed in a pot with extra virgin olive oil, Tesco finest mince browned. Poured in a tin of Tesco basic tomatoes and 500 ml of beef stock, tomato paste, chopped mushrooms added at the same time and this was all left to boil away for 30 min while I then sat down to watch the news at 7pm, perfectly timed to be ready when Coronation Street starts. Extra basil added at the end.
I am not having any salt with mine as apparently salt retains water, however I did add some while it was bubbling away.
End result: loved how healthy it was and I didn’t feel bloated afterwards, I did miss how bacon makes a bolognaise a deeper fuller taste and I must remember to buy black pepper for next weeks. Any ideas, hints or tips on how to make a healthy, tasty bolognaise for next week would be really welcomed! I have been told that adding a tin of condensed tomato soup gives a deep flavor as a good replacement to bacon – so I may try that.

Everything in together

After 30 minutes of bubbling away

cabbage instead of pasta

The finished result - good but I missed the bacon flavour

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