Friday, 12 August 2011

A Happy Kiev Household and My Favourite Place For Pie!

The week started well – chicken salad for work lunches (haven’t decided on next week’s yet) for dinner though, not so good. The man wanted chicken salad for dinner and chicken kievs are a firm favourite. So I made him an elaborate one with lettuce, cucumber, feta, olives and tomatoes – I mean seriously the man is spoilt. Mine had cabbage and peas. I loved it, he loved his, everyone in the tiny flat had a great meal. I did feel a little guilty about the kiev having crumbs but only a little. I did also have a few olives with mine.


The Mans

It was the next night that it all went wrong and food resitance was futile. We met friends at one of my favourite pubs, the White Cross in Richmond. This place is amazing, brilliant views of Richmond bridge, you can sit outside on a nice sunny day, sit inside in the cosy wonderful lounge if its cold outside. The service is always really friendly and quick but the real reason I love this place – the pies !!! They are always pipping, steaming hot. There is a special pie every day and my past two visits have been my favourite – chicken and leek, my visit before that was the steak and guiness. There is a choice of mashed potato or chunky chips. I did ask the man to request if mine could come with vegetables, but was served with mash. I didn’t eat it , I didn’t. It comes with an individual gravy pot and the gracy is always brilliant. See why resililiance was a futile exercise – photo below.

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