Sunday, 14 August 2011

Gathering Done - Chicken & Bacon Lattice Pie From Tesco with Vegetables

I have been very bad today and there has been no gathering at the supermarket, due to the 4 cocktails and half bottle of wine - I have been rendered to the couch all day. The football is back and as such The Man has been glued to the TV since 1.30pm.
The little shop across the road is now closed, the Waitrose up the road will now be closed (why do they close at 4pm on a Sunday) the Tesco and M&S will as a result now be packed. The options I am trying to decide between
A)Convince the man to take me out for a roast - well he has been watching football all day
B) Venture to M&S and get one of the "Dine in for £10" deals - easy to cook
C) Gather ingredients from Tesco
D) Give the man Friday nights challenge of using what we have in the fridge/cupboard

We decided to go to Tesco together, Chicken and Bacon Pie (purchased will not be made today, perfect for when too tired but want something nice for dinner still) we will be having this with cabbage, peas, mushroom tomato and onion sauce (the special one that Man has made up) he will be having his with baked potatoes - I will be having extra vegetables. Photos to follow ! This shall make up for last night’s disappointing meal.

It wasn’t a roast - but it was pie and The Man did have his with roast potatoes. We both had a roast onion. Served also with cabbage and peas, the man’s special mushroom, garlic and tomatoes sauce and loads of gravy piled on top. It was a great way to end a lazy Sunday.

Tomorrow night is spaghetti bolognaise night, but tomorrow will have a different twist to the normal. I am going to be in central London and working late, so we plan on meeting at an Italian restaurant and have a spaghetti bolognaise out - at the moment the front running choices are going to a Carluccios or a Bella Italia. Photos will follow

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