Tuesday, 16 August 2011

This weeks theme for work lunches - Soup

This week for work lunches - I have decided on a soup theme. The weather has turned a little chilly and so soup will be on the menu. Today’s choice was Tesco Chicken and Vegetables £1.30. With only 115 kilos I am feeling over the moon, easy to heat in the microwave as well as it can be done in its own packaging. Tasty but I wished I could put some salt on top – not sure it my favourite soup I have ever had. . Tomorrow I am out of the office so without access to a microwave I am planning on grabbing a Pret soup.
Someone at work also complimented me on how much thinner I am looking. Very pleased. So although we still have a roast on Sundays (mine without potatoes) and a spaghetti bolognaise every Monday (main mainly has cabbage or vegetables instead of pasta), I think it is working, with 5 more weeks until we leave for our holiday.

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