Sunday, 21 August 2011

Roast Chicken with leeks - simply a perfect addition that adds a unique twist

I know I am lucky, I am very lucky. The Man decided to cook up the roast dinner tonight while I caught up on the papers. He did a brilliant job. He baked an onion with potatoes (potatoes were for him not me) he made his special mushroom sauce with tomatoes, garlic and chopped onion. He sautéed the leeks with a bit of white wine and olive oil and boiled the carrots and cabbage. Served with piping hot gravy and English mustard. Simply brilliant and the best way to end the weekend! And there is enough left over’s for my lunch tomorrow.
The leeks added a creamy texture and were simply complimented the chicken perfectly.
It my turn to do the spaghetti bolognaise for dinner tomorrow night and next week the roast is an away edition down in Devon for the long weekend.

The mushroom and tomato side, leeks and carrots/cabbage

The perfect result for roast chicken!

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