Monday, 8 August 2011

I wanted Pret - But resisted and now very happy with this

Everyone was going off to Pret - I wanted Pret, how I would love a Duck wrap or a Tuna sandwich. I remember the days before my diet that I believed that either of the before mentioned was a fine and healthy lunch. No I resisted, I was tempted but I took myself off to Tesco to buy the ingredients for this week’s work lunches. I struggled to think what to have this week as anymore scrambled eggs could put me into a breakdown. I did see that Tesco had a special on different chicken pieces - 2 for £5 and I thought this with some lettuce and cottage cheese wouldn’t be too bad and some Activia Vanilla Fat free for afterwards. Very happy and actually probably more satisfied than I would have been with Pet. So this is now lunch for the remainder work days. I have worked out if I purchase enough on Monday and keep it in the fridge I am not tempted to buy something unhealthy. It also gives me time to duck out to the gym at lunch - but no gym today (its Monday)

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