Sunday, 14 August 2011

Rock and Rose - Average

If you live in or around London – there are an abundance of good places to eat. We are lucky enough to get to eat out quite often and I don’t really mind the cost, normally – you get what you pay for is the general norm. We live in the tiny little apartment so that we can afford to do this as we really enjoy it. I am fairly easily pleased and don’t find fault in much – but Rock and Rose was a terrible disappointment. I really do feel like calling this morning and asking for a refund as it was so unmemorable. Firstly we we were in and out within the hour - starter and main, a bottle of wine all in under an hour !!
I had the liver pate for starter and the man had the calamari – the food was okay, just okay. For main I had a burger (the choice was limited, very limited - no seasonal specials at all)and the Man had the steak – both were average, the steak was £30 and I would expect more than average for that price. We didn’t stay for pudding as the atmosphere was loud, boisterous and not at all the classy, elegant description from the website.
The service well he simply could just not be bothered - no attention, it was like we were an annoyance to be there.

Such a shame – oh well we simply will not be going back!
No photos - the meal simply was not worth it

After this we decided to go to a cocktail bar, as I was feeling so deflated -So Bar in Richmond, this my friends was a bad idea. 4 cocktails each and another £80 tab - it’s a good thing that we do live in the small flat. Why is that after a few drinks we think we are millionaires, So now I have a shocking headache and there shall be little attempt at making that nut roast. I can’t feel too bad after all it won’t be long (fingers crossed) that I shall be pregnant and eating out and cocktail bars will become a thing of the past. The cocktail were amazing though. Actually I would recommend this place as somewhere nice once in a while. It will be a very long while until we go back.

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